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You’ll have to pardon me . . .

100_0507, a photo by constantiak on Flickr. . . . but squee! I had donated this piece for the Knowne World Auction (that took place at Pennsic this year, and I got the results of how much this collar raised. … Continue reading

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Gallo-Roman necklace, mid-3rd c. (Louvre BJ586)

necklace, gold with emeralds and pearls, Gallo-Roman, mid-3rd c. (Louvre BJ586), a photo by Atelier Sol on Flickr. I’m going to take a brief trip outside of Byzantine jewellery to look at this Gallo-Roman piece. I am uncertain if it … Continue reading

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Sixth Century Byzantine Necklace Supply List

As I’ve stated in my first post, I’m passionate about Roman and Byzantine jewellery.  One of the wonderful things about the Information Age is that museums like the V&A, The Met, and The Walters have digitised most, if not all … Continue reading

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Welcome, and hi!

Hi!  I’m Konstantia Kaloethina, of the Kingdom of Calontir.  And I make stuff. I should probably back up and introduce myself more.  I portray a 6th century Byzantine woman from Constantinople, the only surviving daughter of silk merchants-cum-minor nobles.  Because … Continue reading

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