Off to war . . . kind of.

The pieces in the photo - a  paternoster and Roman-style necklace and earrings - are off to be part of a largesse basket for Lochac at Pennsic.  My Princess asked me to help with this, and while I can't be there, this is the second year in a row that I've done something for the … Continue reading Off to war . . . kind of.

Gold & Sapphire Necklace – Altes Museum, Berlin

Gold & Sapphire Necklace - Altes Museum, Berlin, a photo by noriko.stardust on Flickr. I ran across this particular piece on Pinterest, and think it interesting that it's superhumeral-shaped. What if superhumerals are not fabric, but metal? I'm intrigued, as one of my inspiration pieces for my persona is Theodora with Attendants, which is a … Continue reading Gold & Sapphire Necklace – Altes Museum, Berlin