Surprises, surprises. . .

Photo courtesy of Mergriet van Wijenhorst (Amanda Poirer-Kratz) This weekend was a pretty big weekend in my Laurel's group of apprentices.  My apprentice-brother, His Excellency, Baron D'Unstable Peregrinator, was made a member of the Order of the Laurel.  Our Laurel all gave us things to do as we could - so I volunteered to make … Continue reading Surprises, surprises. . .

Queen’s Prize Entry

100_3282, a photo by constantiak on Flickr. It is time for Queen's Prize here in Calontir! This is the novice-level A&S event of the year here. My original plan fell through - encaustic takes time and money that after a trip out of the country and sixty-hour workweeks I didn't really have, so I switched … Continue reading Queen’s Prize Entry