Back from Birka!

I am back from Birka!  It was a wonderful event, and it was lovely being able to spend it with good friends. I got to meet my apprentice-sister Iulia (that's us all gussied up on the right), geek a bit about beads and paternosters, and have a lot of fun.  I also received my awesome … Continue reading Back from Birka!

A Torse is a Torse, of course, of course

This past weekend was Winter Coronation for Anton III and Isabeau III, with a Torse in any Medium contest. Having just gotten a Dremel for Christmas, and as I had a large piece of copal to experiment on, it was a great chance to try something new. The copal was sourced from a family friend … Continue reading A Torse is a Torse, of course, of course

Misconceptions and the SCA 101: Byzantines

I'm starting a series of blog posts about common misconceptions in the SCA about Byzantium.  Think of this as Byzantine history as applies to the lens that is the SCA.  I've listed the misconception first, and the explanation second. 1) Anything Byzantine automatically equals Middle Eastern. In all actuality, the Byzantine Empire was much closer … Continue reading Misconceptions and the SCA 101: Byzantines