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A couple changes to the theme. . .

Hi everyone. Just a bit of housekeeping – I updated the theme (TwentyTen, in case anyone was curious) and colour scheme of my blog.  It’s been a tremendous year!  Lots of arts, sciences, and service to be done, and more … Continue reading

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Scrolls and banners and joy, oh my!

I’m going to say it, to hardly anyone’s surprise: I love shenanigans.  And when my Laurel, Bess, contacted me for two big, very awesome ones, I was going to do them. My apprentice-sister Mergriet Van Wijenhorst (or Griet, as we … Continue reading

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Heralds Running Amok; or How to Put Together a Heraldic Retreat

So, in Calontir, as you may know from reading past entries, I’m the Principal Herald.  This means that I lead volunteers within my regional group in heraldic activities ranging from vocal to sign, heraldic art to book (names and devices), … Continue reading

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