Time for All Things to End

I am stepping down from my post as Baronial A&S champion this weekend (it was supposed to be earlier this year, but we ended up moving the event due to inclement weather) - so I had some time to finish off some things that I wanted to do. I perhaps was not as active of … Continue reading Time for All Things to End

Project updates!

Things still to accomplish. Lined Skjoldehamn hood (will definitely have to redo the centre panel.  Alas.  Am working on remeasuring, cutting out, and sewing the entire thing up.  Almost there.) Cutting out several Byzantine bone box blanks in preparation for turning into Byzantine box icons. Sewing up Byzantine boy garb (PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS!) … Continue reading Project updates!

De Ceremoniis

So, I sucked it up and decided that I could be poor a couple of weeks.  And so I purchased Byzantina Australiensia's new translation of De Ceremoniis so I could start building Byzantine ceremonies and researching things from the primary (or close to it) source document.  For those not in the know, De Ceremoniis is the book … Continue reading De Ceremoniis