Thaddeus’ Achievement of Arms

Finally!  I got another thing checked off my list of backlog projects!   We had a fundraiser for tents for Heralds' Point and for arts and sciences for Lilies War, and I offered a heraldic achievement using gold leaf.  Unfortunately, my life got a bit busy, and this got put on the back burner.  I finally … Continue reading Thaddeus’ Achievement of Arms

Omphaloskepsis: that pesky C

Before we get started: I will be watching commentary and IP addresses on this post.  Any use of the terms "Nazi," or related terms will result in being blocked.  I will not tolerate it, nor will I also tolerate bashing of individuals.  Any conversation that is not constructive will be removed.  Commentary is okay, but … Continue reading Omphaloskepsis: that pesky C

Achieve!, or the Diary of making an Achievement of Arms

Achievement of Arms are a period way to show off one's accomplishments in the SCA, as combined with one's heraldic device.  I had the great fortune to create a conjugal coat of arms for my Byzanbestie Anna and her husband Gieffrei, and ended up also blogging the process, too. Let's start off with the details and … Continue reading Achieve!, or the Diary of making an Achievement of Arms