Text: Adelaide Sarsfield’s Calon Cross

Our Minister of Youth has done a bang-up job at taking care of the youth of Calontir, and when I was approached about writing the text, I said yes. (Also, I love writing scroll texts, and often wish I could write more.)

It’s based on the letters written by Henry VIII to Cardinal Wolsey, and while Adelaide has a 14th c persona, not a 15th, the language of letters didn’t change so remarkably. (Also, thanks to my friend Alys Mackyntoich, who publishes all of her scroll texts to her blog, because that helped a considerable deal with this text.)

The text itself is written in Middle English, so there are some bits that look different (and actually read different) to eyes that are used to reading Modern English. (words like behoveful (meaning requisite, necessary, pertinent, appropriate, proper), tendershippe (meaning favor, regard, esteem), and circumstaunt (meaning accompanying).

Anton the Kyng and Yseult the Quene to Adelaide Sarsfield, right trustie and righte welbelovid wee greete you well. We recommande you with all owr hart to the children of Calontir and the Known Worlde, and thanke yow for the grette paynes and labour that yow do dayly take in the bysyness and maters of those great of spirite and small of stature. And we commande, desyre and instruct yow to take summe pastyme and comfort from yowr labour, to the intent that yow may longer endure to serve us and our Reaulme. Surly yow have so substancyally orderyd maters wythyn yowr sphere that lytil or nothyng can be addyd; indede we are well contendyd with what order yow have mayde in all maters to whych yow sett yowr hands, shewinge therbie yowr great love and loyalltie towardes the Crowne and children of Calontir, which wee accept most thanckfullie from yowr handes. And further, desyryng, wantynge and wyshyng that the valew, esteeme and tendershippe in whiche yow are beholden be made both perficte and manyfest to all persouns of whateuere estate, Wee have theerfore thoughte it meete and behoveful to give, graunt and bie thees presents lettirs convaye untow yow admittance into the Ordre of the Calon Cross, with all circumstaunt benefetes, avauntage, profits, pryvyleges and honnours, and we instruct and commaunde our heraulds to attende fourthewyth to þe circumstauncis of the sayd Order. It is so accorded that We permytteth said Adelaide to wear the badge of sayd Order, to wyt, Or, a cross of Calatrava within a bordure purpure. Given under our signet at our mannor of Cúm an Iolair the 27th daie of July in the 54th yere of the Societee.

Modern English Translation:

Anton the King and Yseult the Queen to Adelaide Sarsfield, right trusty and right well beloved we greet you well. We recommend you with our heart to the children of Calontir and the Knowne World, and thank you for the great pains and labour that you do daily take in the business and matters of those great in spirit and small of stature. And we command, desire, and instruct you to take some pastime and comfort from your labour to the intent that you may longer endure to serve us and our Realm. Surely you have so substantially ordered matters within your sphere that little or nothing can be added, indeed, we are well contented with what order you have made in all matters to which you set your hands, showing thereby your great love and loyalty towards the Crown and children of Calontir, which we accept most thankfully from your hands. And further, desiring, wanting, and wishing that the value, esteem and tendership in which you are beholden be made both perfect and manifest to all persons of whatever estate, We have therefore thought it meet and behoveful to give, grant, and by these presents letters convey unto you admittance into the Order of the Calon Cross, with all circumstance, benefits, advantage, profits, privileges, and honours, and we instruct and command our heralds to attend forthwith to the circumstances of the said Order. It is so accordere that We permitteth said Adelaide to wear the badge of said Order, to wit, Or, a cross of Calatrava within a bordure purpure. Given under our signet at our manor of Cúm an Iolair the 27th day of July in the 54 year of the Society.

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I belong to the Society for Creative Anachronism, and there, I'm known as Konstantia Kaloethina, an Eastern Roman (Byzantinian) woman of the sixth century from Constantinople. I am proteged to Master Gabriel andvaka Kjotvason. I'm an American. I share Harry Potter's birthdate (July 31st, 1983). I typically score as INTJ (Myers-Briggs), and as a confirmed Five with a Four wing "Iconoclast" (Enneagram) type, with strong scores in Musical, Visual/Spatial, and Intrapersonal on the Multiple Intelligences test.
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