Byzantine Monograms: a heraldic practice

As an early-period Byzantine within the Society, I have come to grips that my arms and badges as registered with the College of Arms are perhaps not the most period for my persona, and so, this concept of trying to find a way of marking things that were mine or even blinging out things further … Continue reading Byzantine Monograms: a heraldic practice

Zaneta’s Silver Hammer

When an opportunity drops in your lap to write a text for a fellow herald, sometimes, you drop everything and do it. Zaneta (our current Eyas herald) has been doing some fantastic glasswork, and her ability and patience to teach people how to do things with a rather finicky artform has not gone unnoticed. So, … Continue reading Zaneta’s Silver Hammer

Demystifying Heraldic Submissions: Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Picture the scene: you've got your name picked out, your badge forms coloured in, and you're itching to get your device painted on your shield. You go to your local herald, and as you're discussing the process, the question of how long your submission has comes up. This article will go into the submissions process … Continue reading Demystifying Heraldic Submissions: Waiting Is the Hardest Part