Jaida’s Pelican Text

When my friend Branwen approached me for ideas on what to do for her protege's upcoming elevation for the Pelican, I panicked a little.  I was familiar with doing Andalusian art from doing Catalina's Laurel scroll, but text was going to stretch my knowledge base a bit.  I also had plans to actually do the … Continue reading Jaida’s Pelican Text

Catalina’s Laurel Scroll

At Chieftains in Three Rivers, my friend Mistress Elianor begged the boon for her apprentice Countess Catalina de Arazuri to be admitted to the Order of the Laurel.  I was asked to do the scroll for Catalina, and I am so thrilled, for it was Catalina (and Donngal Eriksson) who gave me my Calon Cross … Continue reading Catalina’s Laurel Scroll