Calon Cross for Gawin Käppler

No rest for the wicked, really. No sooner had I completed John's scroll, I got contacted by the Royal Scribe again on if I could get another scroll done. Now, this one had a challenge of time, with it being given out two weeks after I had gotten the assignment. Thankfully, for this scroll, I'm … Continue reading Calon Cross for Gawin Käppler

Silver Hammer for John Bowyer and other good news

Now that things are starting to kick back into gear, courts are happening again, and life is slowly starting to return to a new sense of "normal," it also means that my scribal slate is starting to fill with activities and assignments again. Back around the very end of last year, I got asked "hey, … Continue reading Silver Hammer for John Bowyer and other good news


In the world of historical recreation, we've long been told that facets are not appropriate.  While true for rings, I am pleased to say that simple facets are indeed quite period on items such as beads and even creating a flat table for intaglio (which, yes, is a facet). I'd like to show you this: … Continue reading Facets