Throwback Thursday: Cormac Mór’s Pelican Text

I have been remiss in posting some of my projects.  This one dates from August 2012 (it's almost five years old!), when my friend Cormac was made a Pelican in Caid.  In honour of him being named the next Wreath, I'm digging this pair of texts out.  This one was fun, as Cormac was the … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Cormac Mór’s Pelican Text

Rufus Tenstone’s Silver Hammer

I was asked to write a scroll text for my friend Rufus, who received his Silver Hammer (Grant-level, Sciences, Calontir) for his pottery at Coronation.  Rufus' persona is a Saxon/ Viking orphan, found by the red painted old Roman 10 mile marker outside London.  This was delayed due to Coronation being postponed thanks to a predicted monster … Continue reading Rufus Tenstone’s Silver Hammer