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Text: Adelaide Sarsfield’s Calon Cross

Our Minister of Youth has done a bang-up job at taking care of the youth of Calontir, and when I was approached about writing the text, I said yes. (Also, I love writing scroll texts, and often wish I could … Continue reading

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Barony of Forgotten Sea Arts and Sciences Championship

Yesterday was the baronial arts and sciences championship, which I entered on a lark.  The only caveat to the competition is that I could not have entered a competition with it before.  You may remember the carved Pelican medallion I … Continue reading

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Sorry for the Absence!

2013-11-02-1145, a photo by vhersch_rhianydd on Flickr. I’ve had to get some non-SCA life things in order, hence my absence. Let’s get caught up, shall we? A couple of reigns ago, there was a blank border contest. I entered, and … Continue reading

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Queen’s Prize and other Miscellanea

Hi everyone! I’m in the process of madly writing documentation for Calontir’s Queen’s Prize, which is in a few days, and will have an entry mostly consisting of my documentation for my entry soon.  I do exist – but my … Continue reading

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Spirals and sunflowers . . .

The surprise I was hiding was the item for my recipient for this round of Noblesse Largesse.  My recipient does Rus.  And I might have exhausted a bunch of non-jewellery options (sometimes I feel I put myself into too much … Continue reading

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