Herald’s Admonishments: Chivalry for Heralds

About a decade or so ago, I became acquainted with Gerald Legh's Accedens of Armourie (1562) as a relatively new herald. Gerald Legh was an English lawyer (specifically the Inner Temple of the Inns of Court) and wrote a lot on heraldry specifically. Within the Accedens, he also admonishes that the people acting as heralds … Continue reading Herald’s Admonishments: Chivalry for Heralds

Illuminated Fealty Oath

So, in this, the days of the panda's panini pandemonium, life in the SCA has continued. We have a new set of royals in Calontir, but because this is indeed the panda's panini pandemonium and also January, my partner and I decided that we could not really afford to travel to coronations. Now, if you … Continue reading Illuminated Fealty Oath

Making Choices; or why Konstantia wore one outfit over another

Seriously. This is pretty close to what we had. I live just north of the green circle. Calontir Coronation was this weekend, and as is often the risk with midwestern kingdoms in January, we had the prediction of some pretty heinous weather. So not kidding - we had a winter storm warning issued that morning … Continue reading Making Choices; or why Konstantia wore one outfit over another

De Ceremoniis

So, I sucked it up and decided that I could be poor a couple of weeks.  And so I purchased Byzantina Australiensia's new translation of De Ceremoniis so I could start building Byzantine ceremonies and researching things from the primary (or close to it) source document.  For those not in the know, De Ceremoniis is the book … Continue reading De Ceremoniis


Last Saturday, I stepped down from the Kingdom position of Gold Falcon Principal Herald, a position I held for two years.  I was given some silk and some other sundry bits of fabric, and wanted my friend Anna to make me something awesome to wear out of it, since I really don't trust my sewing … Continue reading Gobsmacked.