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Omphaloskepsis: But I Can Do It Cheaper!

A thought. SCAdians are really bad about respecting the work of others. Hear me out. Because our culture is very much a DIY culture, it is quite easy to go “psh, I can make that – for cheaper than *that … Continue reading

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Secret Project Roundup

I mentioned in Teaser! that I had a lot of secret projects.  And most of them came to fruition yesterday.  So, this post will be all about those secret projects. My house has been the Pelican medallion factory as of … Continue reading

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Making Norse Festoon Dangles

I’ve written in the last entry that Calontir is in a Norse reign, and as a result of that, I got to do some research in bits and pieces for Her Majesty Ylva to give as tokens.  As I can’t … Continue reading

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Sailing Northward

The upcoming reign in Calontir is a Norse one, and I’ve been assisting a bit in researching largesse items.  I’ve also been working on some other items, so come along with me on what I’ve been doing so far. First … Continue reading

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Hon Hoard and Norse Quartz

Something I made last year, but I couldn’t blog about until it got to its intended location! As I’ve stated elsewhere, I started Nobelese Largesse, and one of the sister swaps, on the kingdom level recently got restarted in Æthelmearc.  … Continue reading

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Juzu – Japanese meditation beads

My friend Matsunaga Kagetora (also known as Matsu) is being knighted in a few weeks, and I’ve wanted to make another set of Japanese meditation beads.  The first set of meditation beads was a japa mala I made was for … Continue reading

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A Torse is a Torse, of course, of course

This past weekend was Winter Coronation for Anton III and Isabeau III, with a Torse in any Medium contest. Having just gotten a Dremel for Christmas, and as I had a large piece of copal to experiment on, it was … Continue reading

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Aline’s Laurel Paternoster

First, a bit of silly.  (also, reasons why I really shouldn’t be allowed into Photoshop #478, and major apologies to Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half). Ahem. Anyway, so, my friend Aline was elevated to the Laurel this weekend … Continue reading

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Paternoster joy

After moving over from Blogger to WordPress (Hi everyone!), I’ve also been deep in paternoster joy. It’s true.  I can’t go to a bead store without finding something that I’ve fallen in deep lust with, and over the weekend was … Continue reading

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Going Greek. Sort of.

The upcoming reign is a classical Greek reign, which is why I’m furiously working on garb for this weekend, which is Coronation.  After raiding Walmart for sheets (they make fantastic peplos!), I realised I needed to have something to actually … Continue reading

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