Calontir Kingdom Arts & Sciences 2022

The past few weeks, I've been really busy. Besides modern life, I've been preparing for an entry into Kingdom Arts and Sciences/A&S Championships. Like Queen's Prize, it's a time to share what you've been working on, but also to get feedback on your projects. Unlike Queen's Prize, it is open to all, regardless of the … Continue reading Calontir Kingdom Arts & Sciences 2022

Post-Lilies War Scroll Roundup

Even though I wasn't able to go to Lilies War this year for varying reasons, I still had scrolls that made it to Lilies. The first scroll was assigned from Calontir Battle Scribes. Calontir Battle Scribes allows people to ask for scrolls for prizes at events, allowing people to attempt original pieces with regard to … Continue reading Post-Lilies War Scroll Roundup