Hon Hoard and Norse Quartz

Something I made last year, but I couldn't blog about until it got to its intended location! As I've stated elsewhere, I started Nobelese Largesse, and one of the sister swaps, on the kingdom level recently got restarted in Æthelmearc.  So, I signed up with permission of Baroness Oddkatla, who runs it, and received the … Continue reading Hon Hoard and Norse Quartz

Ghent Altarpiece Paternoster

I went on another Pinterest trawl, and found a pin of a paternoster held in the hand of a figure.  Having just purchased quite a bit of rock crystal (which is quartz, for those who are looking to recreate their own version) for a pretty decent price at Fire Mountain Gems, I was certainly excited … Continue reading Ghent Altarpiece Paternoster

Scarab Rings, Pinterest, and You . . er, Me.

Sometimes, I go on Pinterest trawls.  I find awesome things.  Including scarab rings (which are a bit out of period/location for my persona), but also other sorts of rings, including one with a completely wire-wrapped band, intaglio rings with essentially a bead, and plain wire rings. I was given a carved bead to work with … Continue reading Scarab Rings, Pinterest, and You . . er, Me.