SCA in the Time of COVID

Well, still here. Not going to lie; it's been difficult to dedicate SCA time with all of the world going nuts, but I've managed to do a few projects here and there since *checks blog* July, when I last wrote a post. Here's what I did. In August and September, my friends in Meridies invited … Continue reading SCA in the Time of COVID

Updates to the project list!

I'm preparing to go to KWHSS in the Debatable Lands (finally!  Another kingdom down for me!)  Valor was a lot of fun (and Camp Interkingdom Incident really was a blast to hang out with).  And, my class and workshop went well, so definitely some good times.  (Also, I forgot that I'm not bad as a … Continue reading Updates to the project list!

Heralds Running Amok; or How to Put Together a Heraldic Retreat

So, in Calontir, as you may know from reading past entries, I'm the Principal Herald.  This means that I lead volunteers within my regional group in heraldic activities ranging from vocal to sign, heraldic art to book (names and devices), and everything in between. When I stepped into the job, I knew I wanted to … Continue reading Heralds Running Amok; or How to Put Together a Heraldic Retreat

Heraldry for the Byzantine Persona

Reposting for International Heraldry Day 2015!

konstantia kaloethina

As Principal Herald for Calontir, one of the many things I am excited to do with that role is assisting with names and devices.  It is also one of the more frustrating things for early period personae or cultures that are not known for heraldry.  It’s a bit of a balancing act, between actuality and the more creative parts of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Seriously.  Go purchase things from her. Azure, a standing seraph argent, a bordure gyronny argent and sable. Art by Kythera of Anevern (

In my persona’s period (6th century Constantinople, around the time of Justinian and after the death of Theodora), the only person who would use heraldry would be the Emperor, and it would often be displayed on a labarum (a specific type of vexillium), or a banner that hung vertically.  This labarum often featured a Chi Rho as part of the standard, while the vexillium would often be the…

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