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SCA in the Time of COVID

Well, still here. Not going to lie; it’s been difficult to dedicate SCA time with all of the world going nuts, but I’ve managed to do a few projects here and there since *checks blog* July, when I last wrote … Continue reading

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Updates to the project list!

I’m preparing to go to KWHSS in the Debatable Lands (finally!  Another kingdom down for me!)  Valor was a lot of fun (and Camp Interkingdom Incident really was a blast to hang out with).  And, my class and workshop went … Continue reading

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Alternate Byzantine Titles Project

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Anna on the Alternate Byzantine Titles Project, and I’m happy to say that while we have not submitted this to the College of Arms for use, yet (soon!) – our work on it … Continue reading

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Hon Hoard and Norse Quartz

Something I made last year, but I couldn’t blog about until it got to its intended location! As I’ve stated elsewhere, I started Nobelese Largesse, and one of the sister swaps, on the kingdom level recently got restarted in Æthelmearc.  … Continue reading

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Projects of 2015 – the round-up

Thanks to some inspiration from my friend Bránn at Matsukaze Workshops, I’m doing a round up of all the projects and things I made (and blogged about) this year. Roman necklace for Magistra Iulia Carved copal Torse medallion Ghent Altarpiece … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

A very merry Christmas to my readers!  I can finally post what I’ve had to keep under my hat for the past few weeks. Not too long ago, I was commissioned for a couple sets of paternosters, involving the livery … Continue reading

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A couple changes to the theme. . .

Hi everyone. Just a bit of housekeeping – I updated the theme (TwentyTen, in case anyone was curious) and colour scheme of my blog.  It’s been a tremendous year!  Lots of arts, sciences, and service to be done, and more … Continue reading

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Heralds Running Amok; or How to Put Together a Heraldic Retreat

So, in Calontir, as you may know from reading past entries, I’m the Principal Herald.  This means that I lead volunteers within my regional group in heraldic activities ranging from vocal to sign, heraldic art to book (names and devices), … Continue reading

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What is the SCA – Highlight Reels!

As many visitors to my blog may not know what the SCA is, I figured I’d do a post kind of illuminating what it is that I do, and why it’s talked about on this blog. The Society for Creative … Continue reading

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Heraldry for the Byzantine Persona

Originally posted on konstantia kaloethina:
As Principal Herald for Calontir, one of the many things I am excited to do with that role is assisting with names and devices.  It is also one of the more frustrating things for early…

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