Post-Lilies War Scroll Roundup

Even though I wasn't able to go to Lilies War this year for varying reasons, I still had scrolls that made it to Lilies. The first scroll was assigned from Calontir Battle Scribes. Calontir Battle Scribes allows people to ask for scrolls for prizes at events, allowing people to attempt original pieces with regard to … Continue reading Post-Lilies War Scroll Roundup

Calon Cross for Gawin Käppler

No rest for the wicked, really. No sooner had I completed John's scroll, I got contacted by the Royal Scribe again on if I could get another scroll done. Now, this one had a challenge of time, with it being given out two weeks after I had gotten the assignment. Thankfully, for this scroll, I'm … Continue reading Calon Cross for Gawin Käppler