Adventures in Mesoamerica: Maya Blue Paint

A little bit ago, I discovered a pigment while window-shopping at Kremer Pigments' website and, well, I fell down the rabbit hole pretty hard. The colour had a couple of shades of a greyish, almost smoky blue, ranging from dark to light, and to find out that it was used in not only Mesoamerican stonework, … Continue reading Adventures in Mesoamerica: Maya Blue Paint

Calon Cross for Gawin Käppler

No rest for the wicked, really. No sooner had I completed John's scroll, I got contacted by the Royal Scribe again on if I could get another scroll done. Now, this one had a challenge of time, with it being given out two weeks after I had gotten the assignment. Thankfully, for this scroll, I'm … Continue reading Calon Cross for Gawin Käppler