Spiral Brooches – Greek

I've been on a bit of a Greek thing lately, but for good reason: the current reign here in Calontir is Greek-themed.  As a result of this kind of inspiration (which, lots of Greek things influenced the Romans which influenced the Byzantines who were Roman but spoke a lot more Greek in an official context.  … Continue reading Spiral Brooches – Greek

Pennsic Largesse Roundup!

For the second Pennsic in a row, I've been asked to contribute something to the Pennsic gift basket.  This year's recipient was Caid.  Conveniently, Knowne World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium was also in Caid!  So, I had a mission in addition to the classes I taught - I had to figure out what Their Majesties … Continue reading Pennsic Largesse Roundup!