Secret Project Roundup

I mentioned in Teaser! that I had a lot of secret projects.  And most of them came to fruition yesterday.  So, this post will be all about those secret projects. My house has been the Pelican medallion factory as of late.  One of those was presented last week at Master Mathurin's ceremony.  It's small, about … Continue reading Secret Project Roundup

Paternoster for Andreas von Meißen

My friend Andreas was given invitation to join Ansteorra's Order of the White Scarf not too long ago, and I had always kind of planned on making him a paternoster. This just moved up the schedule. This particular paternoster isn't based off a specific historical object within our SCA period.  It is, however, keying off … Continue reading Paternoster for Andreas von Meißen

Scarab Rings, Pinterest, and You . . er, Me.

Sometimes, I go on Pinterest trawls.  I find awesome things.  Including scarab rings (which are a bit out of period/location for my persona), but also other sorts of rings, including one with a completely wire-wrapped band, intaglio rings with essentially a bead, and plain wire rings. I was given a carved bead to work with … Continue reading Scarab Rings, Pinterest, and You . . er, Me.