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Let Me Google That For You: How to Use Internet Tools to Research Effectively

In my post Experimental Archaelogy and Social Media, I talked about the concept of provenance, and why it’s so important to historians of all levels. This post, though, will go a bit further in showing that there are tools available … Continue reading

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Experimental Archaeology and Social Media

So, it’s been another week of a post being shared on That Social Media Site of purported 14th century Byzantine garments as they make the rounds. . . again. They’re beautiful, well-crafted, and the photos look like they’ve been taken … Continue reading

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One of the more puzzling things I’ve been researching have been superhumerals.  In the SCA, we have a tendency to make them out of fabric (because affordability), but I’ve now run into a second data point of what could be … Continue reading

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