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Omphaloskepsis: Scaling Ivory Towers – SCA and Academia

The Society for Creative Anachronism has its share of people doing some landmark research within experimental archaeology. Yet, within academic circles, many SCAdians are told to de-emphasize their involvement. This article will go into why SCAdians have such a polarizing … Continue reading

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Straight Outta SLC: Quick and Easy SCA Names Using FamilySearch

Documenting names for the SCA doesn’t always require large tomes or some sort of wizard with super-linguistic skills to interpret a source. One of the best sources we have at our disposal is FamilySearch, a genealogical tool that has compiled … Continue reading

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Byzantine Monograms: a heraldic practice

As an early-period Byzantine within the Society, I have come to grips that my arms and badges as registered with the College of Arms are perhaps not the most period for my persona, and so, this concept of trying to … Continue reading

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Let Me Google That For You: How to Use Internet Tools to Research Effectively

In my post Experimental Archaelogy and Social Media, I talked about the concept of provenance, and why it’s so important to historians of all levels. This post, though, will go a bit further in showing that there are tools available … Continue reading

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Experimental Archaeology and Social Media

So, it’s been another week of a post being shared on That Social Media Site of purported 14th century Byzantine garments as they make the rounds. . . again. They’re beautiful, well-crafted, and the photos look like they’ve been taken … Continue reading

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One of the more puzzling things I’ve been researching have been superhumerals.  In the SCA, we have a tendency to make them out of fabric (because affordability), but I’ve now run into a second data point of what could be … Continue reading

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