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Skipping the Light Fandango, redux

After I completed Project Flammen, I realised that I was having some issues – one, I couldn’t blouse the chiton without showing my ankles (a problem, especially given the overall modesty of the Vestals), and two, it just seemed far … Continue reading

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Skipping the Light Fandango; or Project Flammen

Finally, I have photos of my Vestal Virgin outfit!  (Thanks, Cecilia!) When I put this together, it was for a Roman-themed Coronation.  And I wanted to go as period as I could, with as many period materials as I could, … Continue reading

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Roman Glass Hairpins and part of Project Flammen

That being said, I still needed to make parts for my hair: a pin to keep my suffibulum (that’s the semi-circular veil thing), and a hairpin to keep my hair in place (because I also attempted the seni crines hairstyle, and that requires the use of an acus; a Roman hairpin), too. Continue reading

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