Queen’s Prize 2016

Queen’s Prize this year is done!  It was a wonderful experience, and being able to sound out new ideas, areas to explore, and things to do was great.

For those not in Calontir (or with kingdoms that don’t have a similar competition), Queen’s Prize Tournament is a time for  Calontir artists that do not already have a Grant of Arms or above in arts or sciences (so, Laurels, Silver Hammers, and Calon Lilies cannot participate as an entrant) to make something and get feedback from judges.  Here’s my entry on the last time I entered.


My display.  Thank you, Eynon!

This year, I entered with intaglio gem carving.  My documentation is located here (with clickable links!). Being able to create something with a few bits of rock and a Dremel that could have been worn by someone else in period is pretty amazing.

One of the cool things with Queen’s Prize is the amount of feedback that one gets, from documentation, to ways to improve, and even coming up with new ways to integrate the project into bigger projects.  My judges were great, and we were able to work together to think up some new rabbit holes to explore.

100_6491One of the other cool things is the neat encouragement gifts people give.  This year, I was blown away with the neat items I received, and it was such a boost.  The photo shows some of my entry, but also the neat items!  I am in love with the replica Greek amphora and the little vessel from Lochac, and I’ll definitely make use of the needle book, scissors, beeswax cake, and the beads (more Norse bling?  Maaaaaybe?)

100_6496Also, Queen’s Prize is the event where people give sponsor gifts.  Everyone must have a sponsor to enter.  That sponsor must provide a gift, which will be given to someone else later on and during court.  One of the things I love doing as a herald is reading off the names of the entrants, and seeing the excited squees and smiles of a fantastic day – and then there are times I am blown away at the kindness and the amazing talent of our artisans.  My gift for entering was this tiny little ring, made of rock crystal both shaped and set by Mistress Gillian Warrender.  This Byzantine loves her new bling!  Thank you, Gillie!

In short, this was an excellent day.  Court was fabulous (seeing my very first teacher in the SCA be recognised by the Crown as a Laurel was emotional and so very wonderful – and the ceremony made my little court geek heart flutter with joy).


About Konstantia Kaloethina

I belong to the Society for Creative Anachronism, and there, I'm known as Konstantia Kaloethina, an Eastern Roman (Byzantinian) woman of the sixth century from Constantinople. I am proteged to Master Gabriel andvaka Kjotvason, and apprenticed to Mistress Bess Darnley. I'm an American of Irish, German, Burgundian, and Norwegian descent. I share Harry Potter's birthdate (July 31st, 1983). I typically score as INTJ (Myers-Briggs), and as a confirmed Five with a Four wing "Iconoclast" (Enneagram) type, with strong scores in Musical, Visual/Spatial, and Intrapersonal on the Multiple Intelligences test.
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One Response to Queen’s Prize 2016

  1. Susan Gordon says:

    Finally getting around to reading other people’s blog posts. I like the documentation you included for your creation and the comparison you have to a prior Queen’s Prize entry. Best regards


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